Cover Letters

Cover letters tend to be something that a lot of jobseekers struggle with. Whether it is finding your unique selling points to get across to potential employers just how fantastic you are, or being able to apply your current skillset to specific criteria in a job ad, we have covered most bases to make sure we are providing the most helpful service to our resume service customers.  

Generic Cover Letter $15.00

This cover letter is a general overview of your skills and experience that can be applied to any job you apply for. You may decide to use this as a template that you tweak for future job applications, or as a general overview of yourself when sending out your CV to prospective employers, without addressing a specific job that's being advertised. 

Job Specific Cover Letter $20.00

These cover letters are specific to the particular job you are applying for. It is requested that you bring along to the consultation the advertisement for the job you are applying for so the consultant can read and address the criteria for the specific position listed.